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Biden speaks on the situation in Afghanistan: accusing the Afghan government and Trump

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Biden speaks on the situation in Afghanistan: accusing the Afghan government and Trump

[Global Network News] According to the latest news from CNN, US President Biden admitted in a speech on the situation in Afghanistan at the White House on the 16th local time that the Afghan government’s downfall and the Taliban’s return to power were faster than the US government expected. Hurry up, he also insisted that ending the 20-year war in Afghanistan was the "right decision." At the same time, Biden also accused the Afghan government and former US President Trump of the crisis in Afghanistan.

"I firmly support my decision." Biden said in a speech in the East Room of the White House that day: "Twenty years have passed. I have experienced painful lessons and realized that there is never a good time to withdraw troops." He continued. "That’s why we are still there. We are well aware of the risks. We have planned every emergency measure. But I have always assured the American people that I will be honest with you. The truth is, this is more than we expected. Much faster."

Biden also added that the national interest of the United States in Afghanistan has always been to "prevent terrorist attacks on the United States," and the US mission has been completed.

CNN stated that although Biden expressed his willingness to accept criticism of the U.S. decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, he believes that this emerging crisis should also be attributed to other factors.

According to the report, Biden accused the Afghan Armed Forces of failing to resist the Taliban’s rapid attack; he also accused the top Afghan leader to be condemned, “So, what happened?” Biden asked himself, “Afghan politics The leader gave up and fled the country." Not only that, Biden also blamed his predecessor Trump for part of the current situation, who reached a withdrawal agreement with the Taliban in Afghanistan last year.

The report also stated that Biden refused to abandon the decision to end the U.S. military's war in Afghanistan. He declared that the U.S. mission "should never be nation-building" and accused the Afghan government of the downfall.

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