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how to use metal frame anchor

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how to use metal frame anchor
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Gecko window installation method includes the following process: first of all, according to the fixed foot machine, Windows, doors, structural components, equipment or all sorts of equipment, fixed in a fixed hole part is stationary, and part of the drill must be fixed to the wall or concrete basic, fundamental and applied impact drill, impact drill, drill one by one of the important raw materials, the wall of the roof and the median size decorate condole top or charity (urged dialogue of different types and specifications of the diameter of the gecko software and deep hole drill into the fixed orifice fixed according to equipment, conversational gecko, doors and Windows, structural components, setting standby or all kinds of electrical appliances, Instead of external screw dialog geckos, geckos such dialog boxes, fixtures, door dialogs, components, devices or various electrical appliances and walls as a whole basic or basic concrete.

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