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The new crown virus continues to mutate. In addition to vaccines, what new drugs are there to treat new crown pneumonia?

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The new crown virus continues to mutate. In addition to vaccines, what new drugs are there to treat new crown pneumonia?

         According to South Korea’s “Dong-A Ilbo” report, on August 3, a derivative virus of Delta mutant strain "Delta+" was detected for the first time in South Korea, which is more infectious than Delta. From last year to now, many strains of the new coronavirus have mutated. The constantly emerging variants of the new coronavirus have aroused widespread concern and concern. In the face of the cunning new crown virus, in addition to comprehensively promoting the coverage of the new crown vaccine, the development of new crown antibody therapeutic drugs has also attracted much attention.

   At 11 o'clock on March 23, local time in the United States, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced on its official website that the oral new crown treatment drug PF-07321332 has entered the phase 1b clinical trial phase, which is the world's first oral new crown treatment drug to enter clinical trials. Pfizer said that in vitro studies conducted so far have shown that PF-07321332 is a protease inhibitor that can effectively combat the activity of the new coronavirus.


On July 16, Kaifeng Pharmaceutical announced that it had obtained the first Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Prokruamide in the treatment of COVID-19 in Paraguay. This is the first EUA obtained by Prokruamide in the world. The obvious advantage of Prokalamide in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia is that it can reduce the infection rate of the virus to cells and susceptible organs. It is significantly better than neutralizing antibodies and small molecule antiviral drugs for the treatment of specific new crown populations, and it is the best small molecule new crown treatment drug so far.

   On July 20, Tengsheng Biopharma announced that its subsidiary, Tengsheng Huachuang, has launched a clinical secondary trial of the new crown neutralizing antibody combination BRII-196/BRII-198 led by Academician Zhong Nanshan in China. At present, the United States has approved several neutralizing antibodies for emergency use. However, as the virus continues to mutate and the future travel ban is loosened, neutralizing antibodies, as an excellent treatment and prevention method to deal with the new coronavirus, are still a national strategic public health reserve resource.

   are all being vaccinated, what is the significance of the new coronavirus neutralizing antibody drugs? Zhang Linqi, a professor at Tsinghua University School of Medicine, mentioned in an interview with The Paper: “The new crown vaccine and antibody therapy are mutually supportive and coordinated supplements.” Vaccines need to induce the body to produce antibodies and other reactions to achieve the purpose of preventing the virus, but this During this period, a process is required, and the protection rate will not reach 100%. "At this time, the powerful effect of neutralizing antibody therapy and emergency prevention can be exerted," Zhang Linqi explained.


The research team of Professor Zhang Zheng from the National Center for Clinical Medicine of Infectious Diseases published a research paper titled "Antibodies neutralize SARS-CoV-2 by mimicking ACE2 receptors" in the journal Nature Communications on January 11, neutralizing antibodies The neutralization mechanism has been studied in depth. Studies have shown that neutralizing antibodies and vaccines are effective methods for the treatment and prevention of new coronary pneumonia.

   On August 4th, according to Sinopharm Sino Biotech, the research team of Sinopharm Yang Xiaoming's research team recently discovered an effective monoclonal antibody against the delta variant, with a neutralizing activity IC50 of up to 5ng/ml. Recent supplementary research results show that the most active antibody 2B11 has a neutralizing activity that is highly consistent with that of the wild strain, indicating that 2B11 has a greater application in the short-term prevention and early treatment of new coronary pneumonia caused by the Delta mutant strain. value. At present, the clinical application of the 2B11 antibody is progressing in an orderly manner, hoping to be used as soon as possible in the prevention and control of the relevant domestic new crown epidemic

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