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What is a chemical anchor

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What is a chemical anchor
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The chemical anchor is a new type of fastening material, which is composed of chemical agents and a metal rod. It can be used for the installation of post-embedded parts in various curtain walls and marble dry hanging constructions, and can also be used for equipment installation, road and bridge guardrail installation, and building reinforcement and transformation. Because the chemical reagents contained in the glass tube are flammable and explosive, the manufacturer must be approved by the relevant state departments to produce. The entire production process requires strict safety measures and must use an assembly line that is completely isolated from the staff. If it is done manually, it not only violates the relevant regulations of the country, but also is very dangerous.
Chemical anchor bolts are a new type of anchor bolts following the expansion anchor bolts. They are cemented and fixed to the concrete base hole through a special chemical adhesive to achieve a composite part that anchors the fixing parts.
Products are widely used in fixed curtain wall structures, installation machines, steel structures, railings, windows, etc.

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