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What is a slotted nut

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What is a slotted nut
Latest company news about What is a slotted nut

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Slotted nuts mainly refer to hexagonal slotted nuts, that is, a slot is machined above the hexagonal nut.It is used in conjunction with screw bolts with holes and split pins to prevent the bolts and nuts from rotating relative to each other

The function of the slotted nut is to fix the front and rear axles of the vehicle by tightening the screws through the front and rear axles, so that the frame and the tires are fixed together. In order to prevent the nut from loosening, a split pin must be used to fix it through the slot of the slotted nut, and the opening To fix the slotted nut, the pin must pass through the middle of the wheel shaft screw. Usually, both ends of the wheel shaft screw need to be drilled. The diameter of the hole and the groove width and groove depth of the grooved nut determine which specification of cotter pin is selected. When the wheel shaft screw and the cotter pin and the slotted nut are relatively matched, the nut fixes the front wheel and the frame through the wheel shaft screw, and the cotter pin passes through the hole fastener of the wheel shaft screw to hold the slotted nut, so that the slotted nut is not It will loosen, so that the vehicle will not loosen when it is moving.





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