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What is the DIN1480 zinc Turnbuckle

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What is the DIN1480 zinc Turnbuckle
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Flower basket bolt is composed of adjusting rod, nut and pull rod with left and right threads. It can adjust the tightness of steel wire rope by using lead screw for expansion and contraction. It can bind components during transportation and loosen them during installation and calibration. The adjusting rod is also fixed with an anti-theft and anti-loosening device which is composed of a cover plate, a fixing plate and a guide plate and connected with a flower basket bolt by anti-theft and anti-loosening bolts. When in use, the anti-theft bolt can only be unscrewed with a special matching sleeve, which has good anti-theft effect, safety and reliability. After the anti-theft and anti-loosening device is disassembled, it does not need to be taken down, and the ring guide plate on it slides along the pull rod, and the flower basket bolt can be adjusted and operated after moving a distance, so it is convenient to use. It has simple structure, easy processing, low cost and strong practicability. It is especially suitable for power lines, especially as a positioning device for high-voltage iron tower pull rods.

Flower basket screws are used to tighten the wire rope and adjust the tightness. Flower basket screws are also different in types. Roughly speaking, OO type is used for infrequent disassembly, CC type is used for frequent disassembly, and CO type is used for infrequent disassembly at one end.

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