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What is the eye type hook /latch kit for sling hook

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What is the eye type hook /latch kit for sling hook
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Ring-eye hooks are forged from high-quality carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel and heat-treated. They are widely used in various industries, and they are divided into DL005 320C series and DL006 320A series American ring-eye hooks.
Purpose of American eyelet hook: Main purpose and scope of application The hook is mainly used as a connecting tool in lifting operations. The limit working load and applicable range of the use and operation hook are the basis of test and use, and overload use is strictly prohibited.
Usage and precautions of American ring hook:
1. Environmental conditions should be paid attention to when the eye hook is used with rigging, and rigging should not be twisted or knotted. During the lifting process of the hook, it is strictly forbidden to collide and impact the lifted items.
2. When the lifting height limiter of the hook or the locking device of the hook fails or is damaged, it is absolutely forbidden to reuse it; As for working without a license, leaders should be held accountable. 3. The wear amount of the hook manufactured according to GBl0051.2 at the dangerous section shall not exceed 5% of the original height; Hooks manufactured according to industry standards should be larger than 10% of the original size.
4. When the wear of the plate hook bushing reaches 50% of the original size, the core bushing should be discarded.
5. Products with plastic deformation on dangerous section or neck of hook are not available.

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