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What is the rigging

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What is the rigging
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Rigging refers to the equipment used in conjunction with ropes, such as hooks, turnbuckles, cable clamps, loops, shackles, etc., collectively referred to as rigging, and ropes are also classified as rigging.Rigging mainly includes metal rigging and synthetic fiber rigging.A general term that includes each mast, mast (mast cross), girder (foot pole), girder, and all cables, chains, and appliances used to operate these.



  Rigging mainly includes metal rigging and synthetic fiber rigging.

Metal slings mainly include: wire rope slings, chain slings, shackles, hooks, lifting (clamp) pliers, magnetic slings, etc. 

Synthetic fiber rigging mainly includes: rope and belt rigging made of nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fibers.



Application rigging includes: D-ring safety hook, spring hook tight rigging, double ring buckle, American ring bolt and other applications.

Rigging is widely used in ports, electric power, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, mining, railways, construction, metallurgy and chemicals, automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, paper machinery, industrial control, logistics, large-scale transportation, pipeline auxiliary equipment, maritime rescue, Important industries such as marine engineering, airport construction, bridges, aviation, aerospace, venues and so on.

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