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What is the Rigging shackle

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What is the Rigging shackle
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Shackles are a type of rigging. At present, better shackles are generally made of alloy steel, which has changed the history of ordinary carbon steel in the past.National standard shackles include general lifting shackles, marine shackles and ordinary shackles.When the shackle is used, the rated load must be strictly observed. Excessive frequent use and overload use are not allowed.The shape is mainly divided into bow and D shackles, and safety inspections are required before each use.The shackle body is made of high-quality carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel forging and heat treatment, which is small in size and high in strength.The shackle test load is 2 times the ultimate working load, and the breaking load is 4 times the ultimate working load.Shackles can be used for rigging end fittings, which can be directly connected with the object to be hoisted during hoisting operations.The shackle can be used for connection between the rigging and the end fittings.When the rigging is used in conjunction with the beam, the shackle can be used to connect the top of the rigging instead of the lifting ring to the ear plate at the lower part of the beam, which is convenient for installation and disassembly.Shackles are the most widely used connection tool in lifting operations, and are mainly used for connection parts that are frequently installed and disassembled in lifting.D-type shackles are mainly used for single-limb rigging. Shackles are widely used in various industries such as electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, railway, chemical industry, port, mining, construction and so on.

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