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What is the u bolt

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What is the u bolt
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U-shaped wire, also known as U-shaped wire, U-shaped bolt, and U-shaped pipe clamp, is mostly used for pipeline installation and fixing. U-shaped bolts, namely saddle bolts. The English name of saddle bolts is U-bolt. It is a non-standard part, and the shape is U The shape is also called a U-shaped bolt. There are threads at both ends that can be combined with a nut. It is mainly used to fix tubular objects such as water pipes or sheet objects such as leaf springs of cars, because the way of fixing objects is like a person riding on a horse. It is called riding bolt.U-shaped is generally used on trucks, it is used to stabilize the car's ground and frame.For example, steel plate tension springs are connected by U-bolts.U-shaped bolts have a wide range of uses, the main uses: construction equipment, mechanical fittings, vehicles, ships, bridges, tunnels, railways, etc.Main shapes: semicircle, square right angle, triangle, oblique triangle, etc.

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